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SAS Data Representation
Stat/Transfer can write SAS files in formats that are appropriate for using with SAS on a variety of different platforms. You can control the kind of SAS file you write by using this option. The available formats are equivalent to SAS "OUTREP" values for the various platforms.

The default representation is 'Windows', which is appropriate for 32 bit Windows platforms.

Stata Version
With the option Stata Version, you select the version you wish to use for your chosen Stata output type. You cannot select an output version lower than seven if you have chosen to write Stata/SE output.

Write Stata/SE

For Version 7 and higher, Stata comes in two flavors (Standard Stata and Stata SE or Special Edition). These used to differ in their limits for the number of output variables and the maximum permitted length of string variables.  In current versions of Stata, they only differ in the limit  of output variables (2047).   Stat/Transfer now defaults to Stata/SE.  If you would like to enforce the lower limit on the number of variables permitted, uncheck this box.

Write Matlab Date/Time as strings
By default, Stat/Transfer will write dates, times or datetime variables into Matlab as numbers. Dates are serial date numbers with (with a base of Jan 1, 0000). Times are fractions of the day and date/time values are the sum of these two components.

You will need to use internal Matlab functions to turn these numbers into something readable. On the other hand, if you are not planning to do any computations on your dates, you can check this option and Stat/Transfer will write your date values as formatted strings in your Matlab file.

Add descriptions to value labels (/) for Statistica 7+ files
Statistica has, in addition to value labels for variables, a "description" field. If you check this option, the output value labels will be formed from the input value label plus the description, if it is available.

DDI Agency

The DDI Version 3 specification requires an "agency name" to identify the various elements in the schema.  You should change the default "example.org" to something more appropriate.