SAS Writing
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Write a PROC FORMAT program

Stat/Transfer can optionally write a PROC FORMAT program that you can use to import value labels from other systems into SAS.  To turn on this option, check the Write a Proc Format Program box.

The program file will by default be written to the same directory as your output data file, with the same name as your output file, but with the extension .sas.  You can change this default in the Filename edit box. You can type in a complete file specification, or you can use the macros below as part of the file specification.

%opath%  The path, including the directory of the output file

%oname%  The name, without the extension, of the output file

%oext%  The extension, without the dot, of the output file

SAS Data Representation

SAS files differ depending on the platform on which they are written.  Although SAS can generally read files written on platforms other than the one on which it is running, such reads are generally less efficient than reading the native format.  Stat/Transfer lets you chose from  a variety of "output representations".  The value for these are equivalent to those used by the SAS OUTREP= command.

You should chose the one that is most appropriate for the platform on which you are using your output file.

Date, Time and DateTime Formats

You can now choose the formats that Stat/Transfer will use when writing date, time, datetime variables.  You can enter a value for each of these formats.  The formats will be validated when click on another tab and the widths will be set to the SAS default width for each valid format.