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Q.  Can I install Stat/Transfer on a network server?

A. Our Single User or Workgroup licenses do not allow installation on a server. If you want to share the use of Stat/Transfer on a network, please consider a multi-user lease.

Q.  Can I share the use of Stat/Transfer with my colleagues?

A.  Only if the use occurs on a single machine.  Please encourage the future development and support of Stat/Transfer by complying with our license agreement.

Q.  How do I re-install Stat/Transfer after a disk crash?

A.  It is simplest to download the latest release from our website, install it, and then re-activate it with the code you obtained from your disk envelope or original email from our sales department. If you cannot find your activation code, please send us an e-mail giving us as much detail as possible about your version, and how, where, and when you purchased Stat/Transfer and we will see if we can send you an activation code.

Q.  How do I move my copy of Stat/Transfer from one computer to another?

A.  Simply re-install the software, either from your disk or from our website. Then use your activation code to activate the program.  See the Activation section.

Q.  Why can't I buy a "simultaneous use" license for Stat/Transfer?

A.  The problem is that it takes so little time to do so much work with Stat/Transfer.  If we allowed simultaneous use, one copy could cover a very large workgroup and we would not make enough to develop the next version.  To figure out how many users you have in your workgroup, count the number of people who are likely to use Stat/Transfer in a one year period and buy enough licenses to cover that number.

Q.  Can I use Stat/Transfer in my office and also on my laptop at home?

A.  Yes, that is explicitly permitted by our license.  If you are the primary user of the software you can install it on multiple machines.  However more than one user cannot use the software on more than one machine.  See the Activation section for details.