Stat/Transfer Activation Code Upgrade

Welcome to the Stat/Transfer auto-upgrade service. Using this form, you can trade an upgrade token for an activation code that you can use with the latest version of Stat/Transfer. In addition to your upgrade token, you will need the activation code from your older version of Stat/Transfer. You can copy this from the About tab of your copy of Stat/Transfer.

Note that an activation code can only upgraded once and that an upgrade token can only be used to upgrade one activation code. Put simply, you should obtain an upgrade token for each license you would like to upgrade. Of course, you can activate as many copies of the latest version of Stat/Transfer as its license allows (e.g., three for a personal license).

After you have completed this form, your will see your new activation code on the next screen. In addition, the code will be emailed to you.

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